What we do

Williamsburg Glass specializes in glue chipping on a glass. Glue chip glass is liked by many for it’s frosted look. Glue chip pattern is always unpredictable, never the same, amazingly unique, and very attractive. We have created plenty of glue chip glass products, including: glue chip table tops, glue chip cabinets, glue chip windows, glue chip shelves, and glue chip doors for our customers’ homes and businesses. Our experience in glue chipping method is extensive. Call us.

1. Gluechip

This is a sample of a gluechip glass done for a private customer in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  • Customer places an order for a glue chip glass for a table top.
  • Specialist visits customer’s home to perform glass measurements.
  • ½" glass shape round is cut for a table top, edges are polished, glue chipping is done by a Designer, glass is being tempered.
  • When order is completed, delivery to customer’s home is done.
2. Gluechip

This is another glue chip with design on a glass for a business customer in Manhattan, New York.

  • Customer meets with the Designer to discuss design details on for a glass.
  • Designer creates design and sends it to a customer for an approval.
  • 3/8" glass is cut, polishing is done, design is created, glass is covered with glue for a glue chip effect, glass is tempered.
  • Order is completed and delivered to customer.
3. Gluechip

This is gluechip glass w/ a design created by our Designer for a private customer in Long Island, New York.

  • Customer requests design for a door.
  • Specialist schedules meeting to measure opening for a glass.
  • Designer creates a sample of design and sends it to customer for approval.
  • ¼" glass is cut, polishing is done, sandblasting design is done, glue is applied on a glass, glass is tempered.
  • Order is delivered to customer’s home and installed.

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